Sunday, November 2, 2014

Falling Back


This is the semi-annual post where I both complain about the switch from or to Daylight Savings Time and Standard Time and propose my genius idea.

I have to admit that I love switching back from Daylight Savings Time to Standard Time.  I absolutely love the extra hour of sleep.  I love waking up to sunshine again.  However, I think that Springing Forward into Daylight Savings Time in the Spring is a horrible thing.  As much as I love falling back every Fall, I really really really hate springing forward and losing an hour.  My idea is that we just always fall back.  Even in the Spring.  Ok, so it might get a bit confusing as we get to wake up later and later in the day, and eventually, our "night" will be during the daytime, but for 2 extra hours a year?  I could seriously put up with a bit of time confusion.  I think we could all just get used to our "time" shifting a bit every year.  Did I forget to mention 2 extra hours every year?

And if that doesn't seem to be a good idea, well, I think we should do away with Daylight Savings Time all together.  Let's face it, in the Spring and Summer, there is lots of Daylight.  Why do we need to skew our timezone to give us one more hour after dinner?  When the sun rises by 5 am and doesn't set until after 8:30 pm, you don't need to change all the clocks to give yourself one extra hour of sunlight.  If we need more sunlight, it is during the winter, and we get sunlight earlier with Standard time.  Ok, so we won't have sunlight later in the evenings, but to have a bit more in the mornings would balance it out.

So, think about it next Spring when we have to Spring Forward and lose that hour of sleep.  Think about my idea of just falling back instead and GAINING that extra hour.  I bet you will agree with me soon.

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