Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Eastside Stitchers: Baby It's Cold Outside

Hello:  It's still in the 30's (F) but it totally feels like it's in the 20's or even lower.  It was chilly at Crossroads tonight.  GwenS and WireKnitter were hoping to get their Exit 0 Shawls finished just so they could wrap themselves up.

Wireknitter had a few rows to finish knitting, the bind off, and then weaving in.  When I left at 8:30, she had finished the knitting and bind off and was busy weaving in.

GwenS brought her shawl with the knitting all finished.
She just needed to weave in all of the ends from those color changes.  Gw sen had finished the knitting over the weekend, but was not looking forward to the weaving in.  This is a perfect knit night project as you can chat while you weave.  It really helps with the boredom.

BlueBerryMary brought the sweater she is knitting/crocheting for her Great-Nephew.  She has finished the front and back and is working on the sleeves.
Wajio has started, or was starting, a new cowl.
The yarn she is using is really interesting.  I'm not sure of the name, but it is 4 finished plies that are very very loosely pied together.  The yarn is slightly felted, and this is what holds it all together.

NightOrchid brought the puppet mittens that she is making.
She was hooking the eyes, and sewing them to the back. 
Readnitdream was casting on a cowl.  She needed to use a provisional cast on, which prompted a nice discussion of the different methods of this cast on.
With Wireknitter's guidance, she ripped back her first attempt and recast on using a crochet hook to cast right onto the needle instead of hooking a chain and then picking up yarn through the bumps.

DomesticShorthair also brought something that needed weaving in.  She has finished her Fast Forward scarf.
By the end of the evening, GwenS had completely finished weaving in, and was able to wear her beautiful shawl home.
shaping the planet with warm wool.

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