Monday, November 17, 2014

Namesake Sunday


Look who showed up at Sunday Morning Knitting at Panera in Redmond!  My namesake.  Ok, she's not really my namesake, but as our names are somewhat similar, I am claiming her. 

Little Caroline brought her mom to knit with our morning group.  It was great to see Hrvdmnky.  She brought a dress she has knit for one of the twins.
She was casting on the fraternal twin.

Meshamarie brought a cabled cowl, sorry I didn't get the pattern.

(And really IS it a cabled cowl?  I was um... paying more attention to little Caroline than the knitting.)

VanesaPolo was working on her latest design.  I don't have a photo as it is a secret at this stage.  I do want to announce the great news that her Chromatic Circle Cowl (which was a secret this fall) is now offered by KnitPicks and is for sale on their site.  We are so proud of our professional designer buddy!

And JitteryKnitter brought her colorwork sweater.
She is knitting this through a class at Tolt Yarn and Wool, and with a bit of advice from Vanesa who is a steeking expert.

Our weather continues to be very cold and clear.  This morning, the announcer on KUOW FM said, "Remember Rain?"  ha ha ha so true, we are forgetting what it is like to have wet weather.

shaping the planet with a professional designer buddy.
no snow in the cascades even though the temp is well below freezing.

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