Monday, November 10, 2014

Student Knitters


I know I haven't been posting much.  It's mostly because I am knitting/crocheting right up until I fall asleep while knitting/crocheting, then I am just too tired to type something.  Lame.

I now have 2 students in my 5th period math class who are knitting, and a 3rd student who as asked to learn to knit.  I started them off with hats.  I gave them some old Clover circular needles and yarn from my stash.  I knit about 1 inch of ribbing, then let them go round and round with stockinette.  The first student is a boy, E.  He started first, then one of the girls, A, asked if she could learn, too.

So E brought his hat after one night of knitting, and this is what it looks like:
I am not knitting.  This is a 13 year old boy's first knitting project.  He put it on as a joke, and it fits well.  Of course it looks like a headband, but seeing it on his head made the 3rd student, S, ask if she could learn, too.

I am consulting with the Eastside Stitchers for ideas for 2nd projects.  I would like to teach them to purl, so we were thinking simple fingerless mitts, maybe knit flat with garter stitch borders at the bottom and top, then sewn together with an opening left for the thumb.  I will suggest this, and see if E is interested.  I hope he wants to continue because he is doing  beautiful work.

shaping the planet with student knitters

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