Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween


That is a photo of Moogie in the catacombs in Paris,  yes, she has changed the color of her hair again.

For Halloween at the middle school where I am working, the Math Department wanted to dress in themed costumes.  We really work as a team, and the group likes to show this.  We needed something that had enough different characters for the whole department.  We decided to go as characters from the Despicable Me movies.  The 3 aides and the student teacher were to be the Minions, and the teachers the main characters.  Starting last Monday after the Eastside Knitters Guild October meeting (the Shibaguyz came! and taught is how to crochet on our knitting), I started making 4 Minion hats.
I used a free pattern by Crochet by Jennifer as a guide, but changed the pattern a bit because her hat is sc, and that was taking too long.  I needed the hats finished by Oct 30th in the evening.  The hats came out great, and the other aides really loved them.
I also knit the "bald patch" for the male teacher who was our Dru.
The students recognized who we were right away, and really loved the hats.  I have one boy in 5th period who keeps asking me to make him something.  I tell him that I will TEACH him how to make his own.  He seems interested, so I plan to bring materials for him next week, and see if he really does want to learn to knit.

shaping the planet on Halloween
shawl worn by a woman on the tour of the catacombs below St. Stephan's Cathedral in Vienna, Austria

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