Thursday, November 6, 2014

Did you Vote? I did


I know the vote was on Tuesday, and this is Thursday, but whatever.

I voted
So, Washington is an all mail in ballot state, and I love it.  I used to love going to the polls and chatting with the poll workers.  I did not like waiting in line, but that rarely happened at our polling place, the local elementary school.  I read a letter to the editor this morning where someone was complaining about missing the fun of the polling place, and I get that... a bit.  That person mailed in his ballot.  I don't usually mail mine.  There is a collection bin for ballots at Crossroads, where the Eastside Stitchers meet on Wednesdays and Fridays.  On Tuesday evening, I took Allifer her ballot (she always forgets to pick it up) and waited at her work while she filled it out, then I drove to Crossroads to put our ballots in the bin.  Doc had mailed his in about a week before.  I don't like to mail mine in because what if something GIGANTIC happens the day before the election?  Like, someone running for state representative died 3 days before the election... and he is still winning.  Honestly, that is happening here.  Anyway, I brought our 2 ballots to drop off (this is completely legal, not voter fraud, you can bring someone else's ballot to the bin for them... they are all sealed), and there were so many people there bringing in their ballots that there was a uniformed police officer directing traffic.  I had to wait in sort of a line for my turn to put in the ballots as the bin has a small opening like a mail box.  It was fun to see all the people queuing up to drop off their ballots.  I really wanted to take photos for my blog, but I wasn't sure if people would be offended, secret ballot, etc. so I just watched for a bit, and felt very democratic, or really democratic-republic since we were electing representatives.

Democracy in Action
Last week the Bellevue School Board outlawed teachers giving out any kind of snack, including pretzels and candy.  Also, students could no longer bring snacks for other classmates, like on their birthdays, moms can't bring treats for the class.  This happened right before Halloween and caused an uproar.  I understand why the Board did this, we have lots of kids with serious food allergies, but really.  And yes, candy is not healthy.  But come on.  Lots of the teachers toss kids candy when they do something great as a motivator in middle school as there is very little else that gets these kids interested.  Also, our school ends at 3:30 and for the kids staying for tutorial, the teachers keep pretzels etc. as snacks.   First lunch is at 11:45. It is crazy to expect the kids to focus on empty stomachs.

Anyway, we kept telling the kids that if they didn't like the new policy, to have their parents call the Board.  They are elected officials, and they will listen to the voters.  Also, there was a board meeting on Tuesday, and the students could go and voice their opinion as all of the meetings are open.

And it worked.  The Bellevue School Board has revoked the snack restriction and is working on a new policy.

Occupy Bellevue is a success.

shaping the planet in a democracy.

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