Sunday, November 30, 2014

Crochet Baby


On the Friday after Thanksgiving (which was last Friday... ok, I'm tired), some of the Eastside Stitchers met for a bit of stitching at Crossroads.  We weren't worried about Black Friday crowds because Crossroads is more of a gathering place, than a mall full of stores.  Hrvdmnky came with her twins, and Caroline was very interested in crocheting.
or chewing the hook.  But, she was definitely interested!
I have finished the racing raindrops scarf that I am sending off in my Swapetition package.  It is so hard to get a good photo of it.
Here it is blocking.  And here is an attempt to get a finished photo.  They are always blurry...
But, at least you can see the beads and what the texture pattern looks like.

I have also finished my sparkle scarf.  That is not blocked yet, but everything is woven in.  No kidding, I used the entire skein of 870 yds of Little Red Bicycle Spark Lace.
It's so hard to get the Sparkle in a photo.

Sorry that this is just a list off fo's, but I also finished the sweater for Moogie.
Can you tell it is the end of the month, and I am cranking out the finished projects for HPKCHC?  Also, I don't want to have anything on the needles because on December 1, I will start another Advent Calendar Scarf.  I hope I can post my progress every day for that, but it will be photos taken with the camera's flash.  There is no way I will finish during sunlight hours.

Ok, I have 10 afghan squares to finish by tomorrow night, and 4 Minion hats. 

Why oh why do I do this?

shaping the planet with a bit of snow today!
And look at the Cascades:

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