Friday, February 1, 2013

Sometimes You Need A Cloud To See the Blue


I have been stitching like a fiend lately, so much that I haven't even stopped to photograph my work.  But, I took a break last night to stitch with my neighbors in our new stitching group, and then again this morning to meet my stitch buds, Eastside Stitchers, at Crossroads Mall.

I have to say that I got 0 done at both meet ups.  The neighborhood group has some very new stitchers.  They are really doing well, and it is so much fun to see their progress.  They are so new at both knit and crochet, that they think I am the expert.  That about says it.  They are a really fun and nice group, and there is a lot of laughing.  I am really enjoying our Thursday evenings, but, I am not getting much accomplished there.  That was fine last night because I was waiting for Feb. 1 and both the new month of classes for HPKCHC and the February challenges in SKA (Sock Knitters Anonymous) and SolidSocks to begin.

But, today is February 1, and I can start knitting seriously, again.  I brought the beginnings of the Improvised Crossings Socks that I cast on last night, to the Friday morning meet up.  And I frogged them 3 times.  Honestly, I don't know what my problem was, but I am altering the pattern to Toe Up, and I just couldn't get the Judy's Magic Cast On to work.  I kept getting a ridge right on the tip.  You get this if you start with the wrong needle when you first start knitting.  I spent 4 hours not knitting anything.  I finally got 2 rows completed right before I left.  2 rows.  Since I am knitting these toe up, I cast on 6 stitches for each sock.  So, 2 rows of 12 stitches.  Yes.  That is all I finished in 4 hours of not knitting.

But!  I did manage to photograph the work of the OTHER Stitchers who came this morning.

Our newest member, CathyClove was weaving in about 1 gazillion ends on this beautiful afghan she has finished knitting.  I met CathyC at the Eastside Knitters Guild meeting on Monday.  She is new to the guild, and was also looking for a group to hang out with and knit.  I am so happy we met.  Anyway, CathyC says she is a new knitter, and has only knit this afghan.  Only!  It is just beautiful.
Lots of ends though!

Wireknitter was knitting swatches.  Lots of swatches.  For?  MADRONA!  The Madrona Fiber Arts Winter Retreat in Tacoma, WA, is in two weeks, and a nice short drive for our group.  We will be down with some of us taking classes (hence the swatches), some just hanging out, shopping the market, meeting people and enjoying the fiber fun.
Redbird1 was also knitting for Madrona, but not a swatch.  She is determined to finish her Jared Flood BF Sweater.  Ok, it's not called the BF sweater, it is the Eternity Sweater.  Today, Redbird1 was knitting the sleeves, as she has finished the body.  Go!  Go!  Go!

VanesaPolo was working on another baby item.  Lots of Baby Showers, lately.  This little cutie is the Flared Baby Jacket by Elizabeth Zimmerman in Knit One Knit All.
Skeinherder, wearing a beautiful knit sweater,
I took 4 photos of this sweater and never caught the color.  It's green.

was starting her Smaug socks.  We are trying to knit 2 pair this challenge, and I will be casting on Smaug, too,  just as soon as I figure out how to knit more than 12 stitches. 
Even if my knitting was cloudy, hanging out with my stitch buds was great!  The sun was out when I got home.  Moogie is coming home for her birthday weekend.  I need to head out to the train station in Seattle right about now to pick her up.  Then, it's out to dinner!  Pookie is down in Portland for the National Science Bowl NW Regional Competition.  GO!  Interlake High School!

Hope I have my knitting act together tomorrow.  I need to knit like the wind to get those socks finished in this short month.

shaping the planet with 12 stitches.

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