Friday, February 15, 2013

Madrona 1


I just returned from a day at the Madrona Fiber Arts Festival in Tacoma, Washington.  I did not take any classes, just checked out the market (and bought a bit), and then hung out with my Eastside Stitchers Buddies while knitting.  I took over 100 photos, so I will break up my day into a lot of smaller posts.  I spent quite a few hours looking at the yarn, fiber, and other amazing things for sale, and chatting with the vendors.  As an avid knitting podcast listener, it was fun to see booths representing dyers, stores, and so on that I had heard much about, but never seen in person.

We had 6 people from Eastside Stitchers at the festival today.  I carpooled down with MsWiz and Chockelet.  We met at MsWiz's house, and so got a chance to meet her champion American Eskimo doggies.  They were so friendly and fluffy.

The other Eastside Stitchers who made it to Madrona were SkeinHerder, Vanesapolo, and GwenS.  Redbird1 was sick, so missed the day, and Amigirl had been sick earlier in the week, so was unable to take off work.  We missed both of them. 

I remember hearing about Madrona last year for the first time, and wondering about it.  I had just joined the Eastside Knitters Guild, and had heard that a few of them were going, but as I had just joined that month, and well, am a bit shy, I didn't want to ask if I could go with them.  I wanted to go by myself, but was too scared to go and just be there, alone.  What a difference a year makes.  While I think Madrona would be fun alone, it is definitely fun with friends.

We arrived at about 9:30am, and headed to the Market.
There were people outside the Market seated around tables knitting, and of course, I stopped to chat and take pictures.

One was Sally Holt, of Create2Thrive.  This is a company that makes software products for tablet computers.  You may have heard of their KnitCompanion app.  She was working on a shawl and using their new Knit With Lucy app, which combines Lucy Neatby's patterns with her wonderful Learn with Lucy knitting instruction videos.  I have heard of this app, and it was really fun to talk to someone who is so involved in it's creation.  And to watch her using it.

The first shop, just inside the Market door, was Toots LeBlanc & Co.  They advertise unique woolen blends.  I can't say how unique their yarns were,
I can say, "They are so soft."  O!  my!  I know some had angora.  Soft undyed yarns.  Really beautiful to see and to touch.

Right next to the Toots booth was Laura Landry of Slipped Stitches Studio

They make and sell beautiful, fun, and thoughtfully constructed project bags.
The fabrics went from touching and romantic (Pride and Prejudice fabric) to sheepy and fun.
Yes, those skulls are being pierced by knitting needles.  The bags are well constructed with deep yarn pockets, and the medium and large sizes have yarn guides, that snap, so you can easily use them for colorwork or more than one project, and keep your yarn separated.  However, unlike bags made with grommets, with these snapping guides, you can change your mind AND your yarn without having to cut the yarn.
I bought yarn in the very next booth, but will write about that tomorrow as I want to take some decent photos of the yarn in good light.  Ok, I have been pretty good about knitting from stash since January 1, but I really needed this yarn.  Yes I did.  I can explain.  Really I can.

shaping the planet from Madrona (1st post)

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