Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Eastside Stitchers February!


So happy to be back with my regular Eastside Stitchers Wednesday night meet up at Crossroads Mall in Bellevue.  I missed just one week, but I felt so behind on everyone's projects.

Who was there?  And, what were they stitching?

Colleen started with a crochet project.  She wants to make a set of headbands, so was practicing her technique.
She then settled in on one of her beautiful baby blankets for charity.
MsWiz was knitting a scarf in some super chunky yarn.  This will just fly off the needles.
GwenS was knitting her Clockwork by Stephen West.  And making some real progress.  I think GwenS has changed yarn and color at least 3 times for this shawl.

Skeinherder brought her Smaug to show off.  This sock pattern is amazing.  We are both knitting it for SKA's February designer challenge.
She was also sewing the final toe seams, and weaving in the ends of her Curling Tendril socks by Melissa J. Goodale.
Redbird1 was starting a new cowl.  This one is Biscuit by Bonnie Sennott.

Our Redbird1's knitting is famous!  She did a test knit for Jared Flood, and it is in his new book.  She knit the Guernsey Triangle.  It is really beautiful.

Vanesapolo brought her beautiful Chanel Jacket that she sewed herself.
She spent a lot of time making stitch markers,
and then worked on a ribbed hat that goes with the really cool vest she designed herself.
Vanesa's knitting is also famous.  She knit a Brioche Vest by Meg Swanson and it has been featured on the pattern page.

Vanesa brought one more sewing project, a project bag.  Our group has been taking about doing a project bag exchange.
Wajio brought the mystery socks she has been knitting.  I think she has 1 more repeat of the pattern, then she will be finished.
Choclatier07 was also knitting socks.  The pattern is My Cup of Tea by Robin Lynn.  This photo does not do the yarn justice.
She brought her Cruiser Mittens for Show and Tell.
Speaking of Show and Tell, Tara1682 brought her finished French Press Felted Slippers by Melynda Bernardi.

What was Tara working on tonight?  Another pair of slippers.

Chockelet brought her o so colorful Wrap Me UP by Chris de Longpre.

Amigurl was working on her socks. I think they are just lovely.

Lastly, Hvrdmkny was knitting a log cabin baby blanket.  She has been cleaning out her WIP's and making great progress.

That's all for tonight.  Many of us will be at Madrona,, especially on Friday.  Hope to meet some of you face to face.

Until then...

shaping the world with famous stitch buddies!

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