Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Madrona 6


Clouding over here, and just starting to rain.  Surprise.  Not.  However, as far as weather goes, it is snowing down in Tucson, AZ.  What's up,  global climate change?

This is a quick Madrona post (I need to keep the momentum going), then I am off to Crossroads to meet up with my Stitch Buds.

Chameleon Colorworks Dyeworks and Fiber Studio had some very interesting and beautifully dyed fiber in their booth.

I love that these small studios always give you the fiber origin.  They never just say "wool."  Now that I am reading up a bit on fiber, it actually really makes a difference.

The most beautiful bin in their booth was the silk cocoon bin.
You have to boil these in soap to get rid of the silkworm glue, but then you can either pull out one long giant thread to ply,  or you can make it into a silk hankie, from which you can then make some yarn and knit.  Aren't they beautiful in this shape?

Next booth over was Churchmouse Yarn & Teas
I am not really posting about our local shops who were present, but I am mentioning Churchmouse because there was a very special shawl on display at the Churchmouse booth.

Jared Flood had pieces from his new pattern collection knit up and on display along with his Shelter Yarn.

There are people in my stitch Bud group, Eastside Stitchers, who ... well LOVE Jared Flood AND his Shelter Yarn. 

Even better than finding the patterns and yarn,  we found the actual shawl that our own Redbird1 test knit for Jared Flood's newest pattern collection.  And it is beautiful.
The pattern and yarn aren't so bad, either.

Almost time to get ready to meet up with my Buddies, but I just wanted to show the progress on my frogged back Smaug Socks.

I had somehow reduced them too much when I was knitting the gussets, so I briefly thought of tinking, but I could see that it was going to need too many rows, and that would take forever since I was knitting them 2aat.  I decided to just frog back to the heels, and add about 1/2 in. more to the flaps.  Then, restart the gussets.  I have finished the gussets and knit about 3 inches of the foot on the right sock:

I have reknit the heel, and am about 1.5 in along on the gusset of the left sock:

My goal is to have these completely finished by Sunday.  I can do it.
shaping the planet with two partial socks.
Franklin Habit at Madrona

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