Friday, February 22, 2013

Eastside Stitchers at Fiber Friday


The Fiber Friday part of Eastside Stitchers met at Crossroads Mall this morning for a bit of stitching.

And drinking some awesome tea from skeinherder's ginormous thermos, fondly called "the Hulk."

Wireknitter stopped by for just a bit of a Ravelry tutorial.  She couldn't stay to stitch, but she was wearing her beautiful Lace Shawl from the Lace Shawl Trio by Evelyn A. Clark.

Vanesapolo, wearing her beautiful Chanel Jacket,  

was working on a charity baby blanket.
Vanesa has been inspired by Colleen, who often knits for charity.  Today, Colleen was also knitting a baby blanket, but for once, not for charity!  This fluffy blanket is for a friend's new baby.
We had a blanket theme going today, because Skeinherder, when she wasn't drinking tea out of her new tea cup from Jennie the Potter,

was also working on a blanket, not actually knitting, but rather weaving in lots of ends.
Redbird1, when she finished helping Wireknitter organize her Ravelry boards, was working on her Zuzu's Petals.

 I think she had only 2 more rows to go when we broke up for the day.

I was working on my Toast Wristers for Quidditch Challenge 3. 

This challenge is to find a partner and craft the same pattern, but altering some how.  This pattern is a simple tube that is 11 in. long.  My modifications are that mine will be 7 in. (I have finished the first one and cast on number 2), and I am ribbing mine with a k2p1 rib.  I was wearing the one I finished all day since our weather has gotten a bit cold again.  I plan to donate these to charity.  My left wrist was so nice and warm, I am thinking of making another pair soon, this time for ME.

shaping the world with one warm wrist.

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