Monday, February 4, 2013

Train Knitter


[warning!  further down there is photograph of a piece of art that is a male nude]

My daughter, Moogie, was home for the weekend.  It was her 21st birthday.  So good to have her home, but of course, all the fun with her played havoc with my knitting.  The above photo?  Not me!   I took her to the train station this afternoon,

 and as I was driving home on the 90 fwy, she sent me a photo entitled, "Train Knitter."  So if you were the knitter on the Seattle to Portland train at about 2:20 pm, That is a photo of your knitting!

We went out for dinner so the Doc could buy her her first legit drink, and I made her a strawberry cheesecake for her birthday cake.
Then on Saturday afternoon, we went to the Bellevue Arts Museum.  They have 3 very cool exhibits going, a Bamboo one, a Fiber one, and a Paper Cutting one.  For those of you not from Bellevue, our museum shows "Art/Craft/Design."  It's not your typical famous painting museum.  For me, though, especially with the Seattle Art Museum just across the lake, it is perfect. 

This weekend was the last days for the bamboo exhibit.  I took some photos, but then I realized that while I could photograph the fiber and paper cutting exhibits, I wasn't supposed to photograph the bamboo, so I won't post those.

I will just say, really amazing shapes.  I kept thinking of knitting and cables. 

The fiber exhibit had all different expressions of fiber usage.

There was quilting but not quilting you might expect (sorry, I didn't get the artist's name for a few of these):

close up of the quilt

fiber and some type of like puff paint (again, sorry no artist's name):

And Crochet (this one is by Jo Hamilton and is called "Bridging Shine."):
And a close up of the face:
There also was an exhibit of the paper cutting artist, Nikki McClure's work.  Her stuff is amazing.

 Again, thinking of knitting, I kept thinking how cool her work would be as an illusion knit.  Since it is just positive and negative space, it would translate really well into that medium.

Other than partying and museuming, I did work on my afghan for my Transfiguration OWL.  I am using the beautiful Eight Pointed Flower by Julie Yeager.  I have finished 2 rows (8 squares), and almost 2 more squares.  I need to have 12 squares finished and hooked together to meet the OWL half-way mark this month.

I am really happy with how it is turning out.

As is Beena.

shaping the planet with 2 rows of an afghan

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