Thursday, February 21, 2013

Madrona 7


Another Madrona Fiber Arts Festival post.  I am almost finished with them.  Whew, quite a bit of fiber information.

In the corner of the market, I found Woolgatherings.

This booth had hand dyed bats and yarns for sale.
Although the colors were beautiful, what really struck my fancy in this booth was the undyed fiber.

They had a huge amount of different types.  So many possibilities.  Another cool thing Woolgatherings offers is their Sampler Bags.  You could buy a bag of 24 different breeds' fibers.  It is such a great idea for someone who wants to try a new wool breed before committing to spinning up a large amount.

Hansen Crafts had a booth full of their mini-spinners.

There were a few people spinning on them in the outer area.  These are really nice.

Crown Mountain Farms, from Yelm, WA was nearby.

They really had FIBER for sale.

I love how it was all named.  They also had dyed fiber, in some beautiful colors.

Harmony Skin Care (  was selling soaps and lotions.

Why would they be at a Fiber Arts Festival with soaps and lotions?

Well, if you have ever had rough spots on your fingers or hands catch on your yarn, you would know.  Also, if you have put on lotion, and then picked up your knitting only to leave a grease spot on the fabric, you would know.
Their lotions are specially made to be non-greasy.

Sheila and Michael Ernst, of Ernst Finely Crafted Glass were selling beautiful knitting needles and buttons.

Some of the needles were completely glass.  Some had bamboo shafts and beautiful glass tops.  They also had a large selection of glass buttons.

The last booth I visited was the Habu Textiles Booth.  This is a company from Japan with weird yarn.  By weird, I mean unique and amazing.

They had all kinds of patterns knit up from their yarns so you could see the possibilities. 

The yarns were mostly sold on spools, and were so fine, they were more like thread.
Some were 100% Merino, some were blends with silk or metals.  They even had some spools of just metallic thread.
I broke down and bought a spool of copper and one of Merino.  I have no idea what I will try to knit or crochet.  I plan to hold them together and make... something.  We shall see.

That's it for Madrona 2013.  There were more booths (I know!  still more than what I could show here).  But, I hope this gives you a taste of what you can see at even a relatively small fiber festival.  Hope you enjoyed it.  I sure had fun.

Shaping the planet with new copper thread/yarn.

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