Thursday, October 25, 2012

Crocodile Flower Square Round Photos

Round Photos for The Crocodile Flower
by Joyce D. Lewis

This amazing square was designed by Joyce D. Lewis, who is Dunnica on Ravelry.   It is the August Filler square for the 2012 BAMCAL Group.   The directions are clear and easy to follow.  The only change I made is the size of the hook.  I'm using size E 3.5mm hook because I hook loosely and the designer hooks tightly.  Even with that, I had to leave off the last framing row.

Because this square is hooked in two parts, the square itself, and then the overlay petals or "surface crochet," it is a very thick square that uses a ton of yarn, about 220 yards total.   As you can see by the above photo, that didn't stop me from hooking it 4 times.  I love it.  

Thank you, Joyce, for this gorgeous square.

Magic Loop

Round 1:
as written  

Round 2:
put in marker in top of first trc
as written
New front

New back

Round 3:
moved marker to first ch
continue on back side
New front

New back

as written

Round 4:
as written
continue on back side
New front

New back

Measured here, and got 3 in.

Round 5:
as written
using gold

Round 6:
as written
using maroon

measured here, got 5.5 in.  

Round 7: 
As written
using green

measured here, got 6.5 in.

Round 8:
beginning frame
remember to ch2 on the sides, ch 3 in the corners
I changed color to my frame color instead of staying with green
otherwise, as written

marker placed and right on target for size

I finished off the yarn so that next round I could reattach at the corner.

Round 9:
attached same color as in round
as written

Round 10:
as written

Round 11:
as written

Round 12:
as written

Round 13:
as written,  

10 in =)  Still on Target

Round 14:
added photos of how to do the Long Double Crochet (ldc)
Yo hook, and insert 1 row below working row

Yo and pull through, slightly elongating loop
finish as for a regular DC
Yo and pull through 2 loops
Yo and pull through last 2 loops

Sawtooth Border
as written

Round 15:
as written FO

Round 16:
as written

hit 13 in.

so ripped back
replaced with  sawtooth sc row. and got 12 in!

Round 17:
did not do

Surface Crochet
or Petal Rounds

Round 18:
I counted 6 sawtooths from the left corner for the first leaf attachment

The corners are easy to find.

The next leaf was placed at 7 sawtooths from the right corner.

I continued in this pattern.

Round 19:
Once you have placed the leaves/petals for round 19, the rest are easy because they simply go in between.
As written.

Round 20:
As written


Gorgeous, isn't it?

I have been watching Once Upon a Time all day.  Honestly, I thought I would check the show out because last year I started watching it, but then got busy, and I don't usually watch TV one week at a time.  I would way rather wait until there is a season's worth, then just watch back to back shows.  I am so hooked it is almost embarrassing.

I love Netflix.  I don't want to have to chase shows and movies all over the various channels and sites.  I just want one site.  I want everything available on one site.  Why is that so hard?  Just the other day my son, Pookie, and I were talking about watching the movie, The Boat that Rocked.  This is the British version of the movie Pirate Radio.  Why can't we get this movie in the USA?  Last year, my daughter bought the DVD's for a British TV show that we just can't get here.  Of course, we couldn't play them because the DVD players are somehow different, and movies released there, even when bought fairly, won't play on USA DVD players.  This is wrong.  

I am standing up for universal access to all media!  I WANT MY TV SHOWS AND MOVIES.

Enough said.
Stay safe and well.

shaping the planet from Storybrook, Maine (not really)


  1. Your blocks are beautiful! And thank you for posting progress photos, I've been curious how people have been crocheting the crocodile motifs.

    Also I love Once Upon a Time! Definitely one of my favorite shows right now.

  2. I love your round-by-round photos for the Crocodile flower!! I may just be brave enough to try it now... When there is time again :)

    My mom, my sister and I made a regular habit of watching Once Upon a Time together last season. Stuff got busy for me, and I've missed a number of episodes, but I would definitely agree that it is a FUN show!