Friday, August 12, 2016

Wonderful Wednesday


It's Friday just after 1:00 pm.  Can I remember who was knitting which project last Wednesday evening?

Well, I remember that DomesticSorthair was swatching with some lovely "rugged" cashmere/silk/merino blend yarn.

I was stumped on this multi-colored shawl for a minute, but then I saw the straight wooden knitting needle, and that means that this is Hrvdmnky.  (If the needles weren't a clue, the handpainted colors should have been.)
Wajio, for sure!  She is starting some kind of mitts/mittens with this lovely single.
GwenS is starting... wait for it ... wait for it...

an Aviatrix.  Did we say it is number 28 for her for this pattern?  I know the number is in the 20s.
This is JitteryKnitter.  She has been looking for just the right pattern to use with some lovely handspun yarn gifted to her by Truespark, and has discovered that the yarn (the lovely gray) needed a friend to play with.  Hence the two colors.

This is Pamela2708's entry to the Ravellenic Games.  She cast on this shawl at the Opening Ceremony Cast On Party.

BlueBerryMary is also knitting in the Ravellenic Games.  She cast on this sweater Friday night during the Opening Ceremony.

This is a two-color brioche shawl that Wireknitter is test knitting.  It was good to have her back at Wednesday knitting after being away for so many weeks.

shaping the planet with just one more week until I start back at school (we have lots of meetings and training sessions before the year officially starts on Sept. 1)

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