Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Ready for the border!

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I have 30 12" squares finished and attached.  Each is unique.  Most are my own design.  Even though pink is not my favorite color, I am very very happy with how this afghan looks.

Usually I just hook two or three rows of alternating colors for the borders of these afghan, mostly because I am so sick of them by the time I get the 30 blocks finished.  This time, I am determined to actually hook a real border.  I'm looking at borders from 50 More Crocheted Afghan Borders by Jean Leinhauser.   There are two problems.  She does not give corners, and the instructions are for back and forth hooking.  I will be going around and around my afghan, so I will have to figure that out.  Also, I am looking at how to do some simple type of corner that will look ok.

I'll show you how it looks.  I want to finish this all by this weekend.  We shall see.

shaping the planet with an afghan on my lap in the summer...

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