Saturday, August 27, 2016

Summer is ending...

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I was up before the sunrise. I am trying to train myself to be on my school wake up/sleep schedule.  I really really really want to work out before school every day.  I know that I will not work out after school.  I have tried and tried to do this, and it just never happens.

I have been getting up around 5 am to practice this schedule, then heading out to the gym to ride the exercise bike for 30 - 40 minutes.  This last week I had various new teacher training workshops, so I would come home, shower, eat, pack my lunch, then spin if I had enough time.

I was able to finish spinning my Easter Egg Dyed fiber from last April. 

Muffin tends to wake me up at 10 minutes to 5 every morning asking to go outside.  I am trying to make myself get up when that happens.  Usually, I lie back down, then start saying to myself, "O, just get up..."  Today, I got right up, got dressed for the gym, took that photo, then headed out. 

The gym was dark.  It doesn't open until 7 am on Saturdays.  O well.  I was able to enjoy that beautiful sunrise.

As the earth heads towards the other side of the sun, the days will continue to get shorter and shorter and I will soon be able to watch the sun rise when I get HOME from working out instead of before I leave.

Neither Muffin nor I like the Spring Forward from Standard Time to Daylight Saving Time.  I love the Fall Back to Standard Time.  I do not think Muffin will react well.  If I leave for the gym and she is still sleeping, she will need to wake up Doc to be left out.

She will be happy to do that.

shaping the planet early in the morning...on a Saturday.

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