Thursday, August 18, 2016


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Yes, I have caught the adorable Pikachu and trapped him (her?) in a tiny white and red ball.  I saw the outline in my "spotted in the vicinity" thing at the bottom right of my phone while I was grocery shopping at QFC at Crossroads.

I paid for the groceries, then took off down the mall, with the groceries still in the cart, afraid that if I took the time to put them in my car first, Pikachu would disappear.  I could tell I was getting closer, but that the pokemon was not in the mall. 

There is a spot outside the mall with 3 pokestops all clustered together so I wheeled the  grocery cart out of the mall and sure enough, as I got close to the spot, my phone began to vibrate signalling that a pokemon was near, and of course it was Pikachu!

I threw out some candy (in the game) to make the pikachu like me, then threw the ball.  He was captured first try, and didn't even try to break out.  I admit that I shouted, "YES!!"

Three guys (probably in their mid 20s) near the pokestops looked at me and asked, "Pikachu?" 

"Ha ha," I replied, "I am so happy I caught him."

They told me that they had spotted him in their phones when they were in the front of the mall and had walked all around the entire mall trying to find him.  We all congratulated each other on our success.

I am on my way to being a true Pokemon Master!

shaping the planet one pokeball at a time.

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