Tuesday, August 9, 2016


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Pookie is driving with a friend (Dan) from his school in New Jersey to Alaska. Dan graduated last year, and has been spending this year driving to all 50 United States.  He is writing a blog about the best miniature golf courses (putt putt golf)  in each state.  No kidding.  It is called MiniGolfGuide.  Go check it out.  It is very funny, as is Dan.

Anyway, he has made it to Washington, and after visiting some course here on Monday, he and Pookie took off for Alaska, to review some course in Anchorage.

I made Pookie promise to text every time they get somewhere there is service (he is facebook messaging me since texting actually doesn't work for him in Canada).  He has to at least say, "I am still alive."  That is often the most I can get out of him.

If he does contact me, I will post here so you can all be nervous along with me.

First, they are "car camping."  As far as I can tell, that means being completely unprepared for anything and just sleeping in your car.  They had no sleeping bags.  No tent.  No flashlights. No camp chairs.  No towels.  My goodness, if you bring anything when you travel like that, you bring a towel.  Haven't either of them read or seen (the admittedly bad movie) The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy?  They were bringing some blankets.  That was it.

Moogie is a veteran camper, and set them up with her tent, sleeping bag (and we found another old family sleeping bag), rechargeable camp lantern, and purell in case the bathrooms have no soap.  We also gave them a half-gallon jug of ice water, and a second small ice chest.

Honestly, keep them in your thoughts.

shaping the planet with nervous mother thoughts

On the border ready to enter into Canada.

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