Friday, August 12, 2016

Pookie in the Yukon

another update from Pookie and Dan who are driving to Anchorage, Alaska in an effort to find the best Putt Putt (or Miniature) Golf course in Alaska.

They have made it to the Yukon.
They are mostly sleeping in the car, as they have sited many bears... and maybe the tent is not such a good idea.

There are these "little circles of gravel" about every 10 km or so on the side of the road, and they just turn out, and sleep when they are too tired to drive.

Pookie says the Alaska Highway is the only man-made thing around.  There is the road, often just gravel, or mud, or water..., and the forest, lakes and mountains.  It is pretty amazing.

They stopped in Teslin, Yukon Territory, for brunch, and ate elk sausage.

They should arrive in Anchorage some time today.


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