Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Fire Alarm!! Empties Crossroads


What a crazy night for the Eastside Stitchers.

I got to Crossroads a bit after 5 pm, just as Wajio was arriving.  We pushed 2 tables together and sat down to knit.  GwenS showed up a bit after, with Darling Addie and her DD in tow.  At about 5:30 a fire alarm started blaring, and the security walked through the mall, ushering everyone out.  Wireknitter had arrived by this time.  So most of us grouped together at the front of the mall, and waited to see how long it would take until the mall reopened.

I had to run home to get something for Wireknitter that I had forgotten, and when I returned, there were clumps of people waiting around the mall entrances, both workers and shoppers.  I saw BlueBerryMary and Dreamweaver19 walking laps around the mall, getting their steps in while waiting.  When the employees told us that the mall would not be opening again that night, we decided to head behind the mall, to a strip of restaurants (Dough Zone is my favorite dumpling house!).  We got food at the various little restaurants
mostly from Fuji Teriyaki (because they had outdoor seating), grabbed a table outdoors, and sat down to eat and knit.

GwenS is swatching a sweater for her Fall OWL.
BlueBerryMary was putting the first sleeve on her lace henley baby dress.  The dress is inside out here, so you can't really see how sweet the lace is.
Dreamweaver19 is knitting ginormous yarn on ginormous needles.  She is making hot pads/trivets.
Wireknitter is knitting another test knit.  I believe it is a scarf?
Hrvdmnky is making a Hitchhiker with some gorgeous striping yarn from Fresh From the Cauldron.
I, too, was swatching for my OWL.  GwenS told me that my fabric is too stiff, so I will move up 2 needle sizes, and knit some more.  This is the purpose of swatching...

When I got home, and logged on to Ravelry, I saw that ReadnitDream and DomesticShorthair both made it to Crossroads, but couldn't find anyone because the mall was closed.  I am so sorry that we missed them!

shaping the planet with yarny friends.

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