Saturday, August 22, 2015

Moving to Makers

I'm officially insane.

I'm bringing enough stuff to a 3 hour class on designing scarves and shawls with Stephen West and StevenBe at Makers Mercantile, that I might as well just move in.  See, if I have the wrong yarns, or forget to bring a tool, I can't just run downstairs to the Cave and grab something different, so I have to bring all the stuff.

I have 4 project bags.  The green one (which I won on the 2013 North Puget Sound LYS Tour - Woot! yay for me and CathieC) has all the equiptment: my interchangeable needles, 2 extra circulars in size 1 and 1.5 just in case I think size 2 needles are too big for the right tension, scissors, stitch markers and holders, 2 notebooks (one with regular paper the other with graph paper), a set of color markers, 2 pens, 2 tape measures, a pad of post it notes... and maybe more)
The western theme bag (thanks VanesaPolo!) has the yarn for my Adult shawl.

The purple cat bag has the third set of yarns.  Yes, I have put together another set of possible yarns.  These are all from a giant bag of yarn I got at an estate sale.  The knitter actually died 10 years ago, and her son was finally going through all her stuff and trying to sell it.  I waited until the last day and he gave me as much as I wanted for free.  Honestly, if I had agreed to take it all, I think he might have paid me.  I have been really embarrassed for the Doc to see how much yarn is in the bag, so it has been kind of hidden...  A lot of the yarn is textured or bulky, and there is a fair amount of acrylic blends, but I just couldn't resist.  Anyway, for this possible scarf/shawl, I was definitely influenced by Wajio's Yellowstone River Scarf.
The last bag has my Crayon Shawl/Scarf yarn combination. 
O, and I'm also bringing my Advent Calendar Scarf from last Christmas to share.  We are supposed to bring something to share, and well, that's the coolest thing I have ever knit.

shaping the planet with way too much yarn stuff.

I just decided to also bring the latest pair of Simple Socks that I'm knitting for my brother in case I get there too early, so I have something to knit.  Because I will be nervous just waiting if I can't knit.  So now that is 5 bags.  I need to leave before I think of another bag to bring.

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