Saturday, August 22, 2015

Fiber Friday Rocks


This is why knitters (and by knitters I mean crocheters, too!) are so awesome.  One of our regular Fiber Friday members, Winterpromise31, and her husband have adopted a pre-teen from Taiwan. (Read about their journey on her BLOG)  Well, when members of the Eastside Stitchers have babies, we all knit for them and have a shower.  Well, as this was an older "baby" we decided to make her an afghan.  After all, she is coming from a pretty warm climate to our ... a bit colder ... climate.  It's not like she is being adopted to Boston, but it will be colder here this winter than it will be in Taiwan.  Hence the afghan.  Also, it was a fun chance for the members of the group to knit or crochet a square or two (or three!).  I framed them all with a granny stitch so they were the same size, and then hooked all the squares together.  The top photo is the Friday Fiber Group holding the GINORMOUS afghan, and the bottom photo is the Wednesday Evening Group.

So, who was at Friday Morning Knitting, and what were their projects?

CathieC is making a Halloween Bunting!

Wajio is working on her Yellowstone River Scarf, though, I believe she was tinking instead of knitting.
Jenniluigi is knitting this gorgeous orange scarf. The open mesh-like pattern is perfect for the hand-dyed variegated yarn.
Domesticshorthair brought a sweater-coat she had knit quite a few decades ago.  She is "updating" the look by frogging and then changing the cuffs of the sleeves. 
BlueBerryMary is knitting a lace baby dress (excuse me, Big Girl Toddler Dress) for the lovely Genevieve.
She is also putting the flip back tops on her convertible mittens.

GwenS, who was working from home (ha!) was able to make it this Friday.  She is well into the border of her test knit shawl.
I was finishing up my Yoke Cowl, designed by our own VanesaPolo.  I finished it at home later that evening, and just need to block it.  Super fast.  Super easy.  Great pattern.  I'm going to make some for Christmas gifts this fall.
Shaping the planet with the most generous friends in the world.

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