Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Wednesday Group

Let's hope I get this right!  Lately, it's been hard for me to remember who came to knitting.  I get home and look at the projects, and think, "Who was knitting this???"

 It was another hot day today.  I met GwenS and VanesaPolo and their darling daughters for a picnic at one of our local parks.  I was able to knit at the park.  Vanesa and Gwen mostly chased their daughters around.  So so so so cute.

It felt good to relax in the air conditioning of Crossroads this evening, and I'm the kind of person who hates air conditioning!

WireKnitter brought a beautiful Orenburg Lace Shawl that she designed herself.  Then, not satisfied with the yarn color, she dyed the shawl last weekend!
WireKnitter was swatching for a new shawl she is test knitting.  Swatching unsuccessfully, I might add, as there seemed to be a bit of ripping back.  On the other hand, I guess all swatching is successful, since a swatch that doesn't meet gauge lets you know that the needles and/or the yarn are not right for the project.

Wajio is working on her Yellowstone River Scarf.  Here is where she was when I first arrived:
And here is her progress later on:
The wild yarns might drive her crazy, but the scarf will be stunning.

Puzan is knitting her second Hitchhiker.
JitteryKnitter has reached the lace section on her shawl!

GwenS is also knitting a test knit shawl.  It looks like she has started the border?
BlueBerryMary started the evening with a Knitted Knocker.
After she finished it off, she moved on to her Amanda's Seattle Rain hat.
Dreamweaver19 is a-l-m-o-s-t finished with her crazy baby blanket.  She is on the last solid color with just the self striping section to go.
I worked on my Yolk Cowl by VanesaPolo.  I am on the last stockinette section with just the final garter stitch section left.  I can't believe how fast this pretty cowl knits up.  I should finish tomorrow, and I will post a decent photo after it is blocked.

shaping the planet with knitting buddies.

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