Saturday, August 22, 2015


I am taking the Sharves class today at Makers Merchantile.  Stephen West and StevenBe are on tour across the country, and they are stopping at Makers to teach a few classes this weekend.  The class is called:  The Sharves: New Perspectives on Shawl and Scarf Knitting.  We are supposed to be learning construction of unusal scarves and shawls, how to design our own, or deviate from a pattern using multiple yarns.

We have to bring a minimum of three different yarns that we think go together.  I spent all day yesterday trying to put together palettes. I think I need to bring a few more caked skeins so I have some different weights.  Why don't I just bring my ENTIRE STASH???  I feel like the yarn choices before the class are a test of my design abilities, and that I am already failing.  I kept sending Moogie (she had just arrived back in New York after her trip to Lisbon), photos of yarn combinations with the caption, "Do these look good together?"  She kept saying, "JUST PICK A GROUP THAT YOU LIKE AND WOULD WEAR!!"

My two favorite combinations are pictured here.  The top group is my "Adult Shawl."  The bottom group is my "Crayons Shawl."  The maroonish yarn in the top group is KnitPicks bare that I dyed at our Dying Day at VanesaPolo's house 2 summers ago, and the blue and green yarns below I dyed at Dye Day at Blue Moon Fiber Arts last summer.  All my choices are fingering weight.
Now I need to find something bulky?  worsted? lace weight?  ugh. 

shaping the planet with too much yarn.

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