Saturday, August 15, 2015

Mt. St. Helens and Bears


Doc, Pookie and I drove down to Mt. St. Helens National Park today.  We have lived in Washington for 18 years, and never been there, though, since you can see it from the 5 freeway, I have driven past it a gazillion times on my way to Portland or Southern California.  The weather was overcast and a bit cold, but it was the only day both Doc and I could go.  The information at the various visitors centers (there are 3 on the way to the summit, well the last one is near the summit) is really interesting, and you get to watch little movies of the volcano erupting in 1980, and some of the reforesting and well, just regrowth of the plant and animal life.  When we got to the top, this is what we saw:
It was so cloudy that we couldn't see the crater at all.  What a bummer.  Then, there was so much traffic on the 5 on the way back that it took almost 4 hours to get home.  Still, we had a good time, and I definitely want to go back when it is sunny, and hopefully hike a bit at the top.

I've been so busy knitting and crocheting frantically, that I haven't posted much of my own work here on the blog.  I finished 4 bear outfits for Camp Erin and turned them in at the last Seattle Knitters Guild meeting.
I mostly made "boy" bears.
My thoughts were that "girl" clothes are more fun to make (let's be honest), but there were sure to be boys at the camp.

 The one above is my "minion" bear, and the one below is wearing a sheepskin coat.  (not really, it's beige acrylic yarn and boucle)
shaping the planet with really warm bears.

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