Wednesday, August 19, 2015

New Projects

The Spring term for the Harry Potter Knitting / Crochet House Cup ended July  31. August is break month. I usually don't do too much crafting during break month. There are no points . But right now, I'm working on 3 fun projects.

The first is a design by Vanesapolo. It's called the Yoke Cowl. It takes just one skein of worsted. I have this super pretty skein that someone in Gryffindor gave me a few years ago. The Cowl is knitting up really fast. I just have the last 2 sections to knit.

The second project is Daybreak by Stephen West. I'm knitting this to be a shop sample for Acorn Street Yarn Shop.  I've never knit anything for a shop before, and I'm a bit nervous about my knitting.  I have to be really careful to follow the pattern exactly, or take really good notes about anything that I change.  And I can't make any mistakes.

So the first thing is that I have started over twice, already. First, I didn't read the pattern closely, and I knit the set up rows in garter stitch.  That was only ripping back 4 rows.  Then, I had the solid semi-circle about 3/4 finished, when I really looked at it and decided that it was just too sloppy.  I was using size 4 needles, and they were just too big for me.  I couldn't keep a steady tension.
I've started over again, with a size 3 needle, and am now about 1/2 finished with the solid section.  The knitting is way more even.

The third project is really just swatching/practice/sample.  JitteryKnitter asked me if I could teach a mini-class on adding crochet to knits.  Well, sure I could.  But, I need to actually ADD some crochet to some knits so I have examples of what you can do.  The first idea that I am testing is adding a lace crocheted color to a plain raglan sweater.

Here is what it looks like:
I just knit a few rounds of the neck and then attached the cotton crochet thread, but I think you can see what it will look like.  It is going to be really cute.

I have a couple more ideas to try out, and two weeks before school starts to do it. 

shaping the planet with new projects

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