Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Wednesday Night Eastside Stitchers


I got up early this morning and was able to take a short walk before heading to work.  I am not on a good sleep schedule for work yet, so walking before I leave is tough.  The Fall Term of the HPKCHC (Harry Potter Knitting/Crochet House Cup) started Tuesday.  School started Tuesday.  (Real Life school, I mean.)  Since I am on Gryffindor's Knight Bus team, I stayed up until midnight on Monday, August 31, so I could help open the Knight Bus thread as soon as the term began.  The Knight Bus is our Help Thread, where students can read what the class homework is, and get ideas for how to fit in their projects.  Anyway, the HPKCHC runs on Pacific Time, and since that is MY time zone, all of the challenges start and end at MY midnight.  Needless to say, this made me a bit tired at work on the first day.  Then, I stayed up until midnight last night, too, because I was obsessively hooking a doily, and I kept making silly counting mistakes that meant that I had to rip back about 4 rows three different times.  So, tired again tonight.  When I left for Crossroads, and the regular Wednesday Meet up of  the Eastside Stitchers, I thought that I would have to leave early for sure and get home to bed. But, before I knew it, they were announcing that the mall was closing!  We were having a spirited discussion of baby names, then how we chose the names for our own children, and the weird names that celebrities seem to choose.

Anyway, knitting with friends is such a great way to spend a Wednesday evening.  So, who was there, and what were they knitting?

BlueBerryMary is knitting a lovely beaded lace scarf.  I'm not sure if you can tell from the knitting, but you can see in her box of beads that she is alternating rows with 2 different colors of beads.  This is making the scarf seem to shimmer.  You almost can't see the pink beads, so they just add shine.  It is a really cool effect.

Wajio has made HUGE progress on her Yellowstone River scarf.  I think she must be almost finished.

Anya was pre-drafting some fiber in preparation for spindle spinning.

DomesticShorthair has finished her lace scarf.  The pattern is Quercus Alba by Renata Brenner and is the White Oak leaves and acorns.  The designer is a botanist, and so her lace is a real picture of these leaves.

GwenS has started the sweater that is her OWL for HPKCHC. She is knitting Harvest by Tin Can Knits. Gwen also finished ANOTHER Aviatrix hat.  It will be a gift to a friend with a newborn.
Chockelet is taking a sewing class and is making sewn Moths.  So what is she knitting?
Something to felt so she can then cut it up and sew it into a Moth!

Tara1682 is almost finished with her latest lace wrap.  It is simply beautiful.

And, ReadnitDream has started a pair of fingerless mitts for Anya.  The yarn is her own hand dyed and hand spun!

shaping the planet with warm friends.

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