Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Princeton Triangle Club Cheerleaders


I posted a photo that I got off Facebook of my son, Pookie, dressed in drag as a Princeton Cheerleader posing with other "cheerleaders" at the Princeton-Yale football game last Saturday with NJ Governor Chris Christie.
I didn't take the photo myself, I just copied it from my son's Facebook page.

Well, the photo has gone all over the internet, and even appeared in some online newspapers.  Ha ha ha.  They all have pretty much the same story.  Talk about plagarism.  They mention the Triangle Club, and that they have a long tradition of an all male "kick line."  They don't mention that the tradition comes from the fact that Princeton was an all male school until 1969 when they admitted their first women undergraduates.   The Triangle Club is the oldest all student college drama club in the USA.  The Triangle Club was performing their first show of the year, Zero Gravitas, last weekend, and performed in the half-time show partly to publicize their show, but also as a tradition at Princeton.

Anyway, here are some of the sites that carried the story.

Lord of the Net  servasschrama.com  

some weird site called:  ar15.com  

15 minutes of fame?  ha ha they don't even bother to name the guys.

Triangle Cheerleaders take over the Yale Band

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