Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Crisp Cold Clear Eastside Stitchers


The sun is rising later and later as we head towards the Winter Solstice.  If I am up before 7 am, it is dark.  Today, I could tell it was going to be clear.  We have had days and days and days of clouds and rain, so the clear blue sky is a welcome treat.  However, without the clouds acting like a blanket holding in warmth, it gets really cold (well, for us) on these clear days, and today was no different. 

When I headed out to Crossroads for the regular Wednesday Eastside Stitchers meet up at 4 pm, there was frost on my car windows.  I had to stop by the Post Office first (it's right across the street from Crossroads) to mail out my The Bird Socks to Moogie, as well as mail out an afghan square for the HPKCHC Weasley Afghan swap.  That is why I left so early.  However, I didn't get to Crossroads until after 5 pm, and when I arrived, I found Skeinherder, Wajio, and a new Eastside Stitcher, Impained, seated at one of the big round tables, knitting away.

What were they knitting?  And, who else joined in?

Skeinherder is still working on stocking ornaments.

Our newest Eastside Stitcher, Impained, brought a baby sleepsack, in some really chunky yarn.
I enjoyed listening to her talking with Wajio about Combination Knitting techniques.

Wajio wouldn't let me take a photo of her socks.  It seems that she has been spending her time ... spinning ... and not knitting, and she has not made much progress since last week.  I should post last week's photo of those socks.  It would serve her right!!

Tara1682 brought...

yes,  Tara is knitting ANOTHER Linen Stitch Scarf.  This is her fourth. It is for her swap target for the Eastside Stitchers Holiday Gift Exchange.  Lucky target!

CathieC brought a new swatch for the poncho she wants to make.  We had a nice discussion about math and knitting. 
JulieMustKnit has started a new sweater, the Katherine Pullover.  We discussed swatching, and how she isn't swatching.  Instead, she has started with the sleeve. This will act as her swatch.  It's a beautiful pattern.
CrunchyNumbers brought a sweater, too.  Ugh, I didn't get the name of the pattern.  It has some really cool cables.  This is one of the front panels.
Wireknitter brought a shawl to frog,
and a new cowl by Susan Ashcroft.

I brought an afghan square, but spent the entire evening winding a mess of Caron One Pound yarn into a neat ball.  Honestly.

shaping the planet with a ball of yarn.

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