Saturday, November 23, 2013

OMBob, I'm an Idiot


I have this filing system for my photos on my laptop.  I have one folder just for sunrise photos.  Every day, I open up "Sunrise" make a new folder with the date, and transfer the sunrise photos I have taken that day into that folder.

I have another folder entitled, "Eastside Stitchers."  In this one, there are a bunch of sub-folders with names like "2013.11.20 Wed" or "2013.11.08. Fri" or even "Babies."  When I put the card from my camera in the laptop, I drag the photos from that day's meet-up over to the folder and drop them in. 

I have different folders for almost every type of project I make, from "afghan squares," to "socks." 

After I have dragged and dropped the sunrise photos for the day, the Eastside Stitchers for the day, and what ever I have been working on to its correct photo file, I grab the whole bunch of photos from my camera card and drag everything to the "Recycle Bin," empty it, and then safely remove hardware from my computer.

However, there is not a folder named, "2013.11.22 Fri"  Why?  Because today, I grabbed the photos from yesterday's Fiber Friday and dropped them in the Recycle Bin, skipping the step where I put them in Eastside Stitchers. 

Of course, everyone was working on new stuff.  It's times like this that I feel old and distracted.

I'm hoping I can remember who was there.  I know I won't remember what they were working on...

I was the first to arrive, and our usual round table was open!  The women practicing the "jazz" dance on the Market Stage were also there.  They kept the sound turned down, however.

JulieMustKnit was second to arrive.  She brought two beautiful hats.  I even remember the yarn.  It was Misti Alpaca in this amazing copper orange.  I think she got it on sale because "people don't like orange."  One of the hats was for charity, Braided Gems Hat by Elizabeth Ravenwood, and Julie was delivering the hat to Zillalatte who is collecting hats for the Cancer Center of Maine.  That hat didn't use the entire skein, so Julie knit the rest up into a Cote-Nord Cap by Amy Christoffers.

Julie gets a big write-up because she has project pages for her stuff.

Who else showed up?  Well, Zillalatte, of course.  She didn't stay to knit, though.  There was some talk about hockey, and of sons who leave their special hockey pants at the rink.  There was more talk about the drive to Renton, WA, where said rink is.  And, there was the hope that the Mountain (what we locals call Mt. Rainier),
would be out for viewing.

Winterpromise31 brought her lace hat.  This hat has sparked a fun thread on the Eastside Stitchers' Boards in Ravelry.  The instructions are written using British knitting terms.  With the help of Skeinherder and Wireknitter, Winterpromise31 was able to figure out the meaning of "yfwd."  There was also much talk about using lifelines.  This is a common discussion in ESS, as many of us love lifelines and live by them.

CodyJunk was knitting something.  Wow, I have no memory of what.  She burns through projects so quickly.  She brought cute hand outs for the Fiber Friday Holiday Party.  We are doing a White Elephant exchange.  Not that we are bringing joke gifts.  We just aren't drawing names.  Bring something handmade and a skein of yarn.  I am NOT going to take a sub job that morning.

Constance9 also brought something to knit.  We spent more time discussing her upcoming Artisan Bead Show, however.  She is showing her amazing beadwork today at Birdtail Beads, in Bellevue, WA, today from 11am - 5 pm.

CathieC was ripping back her Classic Elite yarn she had knit up into swatches for the MacArthur Park Poncho.  Cathie is learning so much with this project.  She is making the leap from just following a pattern, to altering the size to get a better fit.  Of course, this demands a bit of swatching for gauge, then a bit of math to figure how many stitches to cast on.  The swatching also gave her a chance to think about the look of the fabric, and how it would drape depending on the choice of needle size.  The big question now is, will she have enough yarn?

I think (hope) that was everyone.  I had to leave early as the heat is off at my daughter, Allifer's, house.  I went out to help her figure out if it was the thermostat (we have had a few power outages this month) or the furnace.  Unfortunately, it's the furnace.  Ugh!

shaping the planet in the sunrise

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