Thursday, September 1, 2011

SKA Sock Down Begins! Thursday, September 1, 2011

I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it. 

Wow, am I a knitting knerd these days?  But it is September 1 and the Sock Down for Ravelry's Sock Knitters' Anonymous Group has officially begun.  I thought about staying up until midnight last night so I could cast on my socks, but, decided that that was ridiculous, and went to bed.  Anyway, I am working on a pair of socks that I started BEFORE the clock started ticking, so I need to actually knit on those anyway.  It is 8:30 and I have not cast on my challenge socks yet!

I am going to make the Glass Slippers sock pattern by Cailyn Meyer for Samantha for my first challenge.  Then (and perhaps simultaneously) I will make the KAL Mock sock in what I hope is Chartreuse.  Since I am trying to finish my birthday gift to my niece, Hannah, I will be making 3 socks this month.  Wow, but I can do it.


1. Life first

We went to the Mariners/Angels game on Sept. 30th.  A friend of my son's (Luke) set up the night as a charity event.  He promoted and sold the tickets on Facebook, giving the extra money he made to charity.  We went with a group of Juniors and their families from our high school, Interlake.  It was a blast, though the Mariners are horrible this year and they lost like 13 - 6.  There was one particularly bad inning where the Angels scored 8 runs.  It was like being at a T Ball game, watching the Angels run around and around the bases.  Luke told me that 3 of the Angels batted twice that inning.  LOL!  Sad that the stadium was empty, but with the Mariners playing like that, what can you expect?  Of course, QWest Field is absolutely gorgeous, and a beautiful place to spend an evening.  Our weather as been weirdly cold all summer, though the rest of the nation has been sweltering.  I wore a t-shirt, a sweatshirt, and then a fleece jacket over that.  I was still cold.  9 innings of knitting though.  I worked on the socks for my niece, Hannah.

2. Rain Socks

All done.  Even blocked.  Just waiting for Allie to come pick them up.

3. Hannah's Ballet Socks

2 funny/sad things about these:

a. Toes Mess  I had the toes about 1/2 finished, when I noticed that I had somehow dropped a stitch.  Ripped them out and started over.  I almost just went on, but really, they ARE a gift, and it was the toes for goodness sake.  Just start over, Carol.

I am still a bit unhappy at how sloppy the increase rows look.  I tried to get a close up photo:

I am not sure what to do about that, or what is causing it.  I am thinking that I am trying to knit too tightly, so these rows are just loose by comparison.  Maybe, I should drop down a needle size and not worry so much about knitting tightly.  Anyway, I have finished the first 10 rows of the foot with the beautiful pattern:

Here is a close up (I hope) of the pattern:

Before I worked on James's Aran Afghan from the Great American Aran Afghan, I would never have attempted a pattern like this. 

b. Second funny thing.  Before I started Hannah's Ballet Socks, I did the math.  But I didn't keep it on my computer, as I usually do.  I printed out the pattern, and wrote all my how many row notes on that page.  Of course I lost the page.  This morning, I decided that before I knitted any more rows, I had better do the math again.  She has a short fat foot (my sister's words), so a size 7.5 but wide. 

Here is the Math for those of you who like that stuff:

Size 7.5 Wide
9.5 in long

100% stitches = 88
75% stitches = 66
50% stitches (# on each needle) = 44

Toe rows (TR) = 1 + 9 (increases) + 2 + 2 * 8 (increase, even) = 28 rows

X = desired sock length = 9.5 in
Y = # rows in gusset and heel cup = 75% total stitches - 1 = 66 - 1 = 65
Z = (rows / in) = 11

TGL = X - (Y / Z) = 9.5 - (65 / 11) = 3.5909 in
TGLR (Toe-to-Gusset Length in Rows) = TGL * Gauge = 1.590909 * 11 = 39.5 rows (rounding down to 39)

Total Rows to Knit in Foot = TGLR - TR = 39 - 28 = 11  rows then start Gusset Increases

If you didn't see the number of rows before I start the gusset increases I will repeat it:  11

I have already knit 10 rows.  Thank Goodness I did the math before knitting on.  I would have been taking out rows... not my favorite activity.

1 more row, and I start increasing.

4. Goals Today

10 rows of Hannah's Ballet Socks
Cast on Samantha's Glass Slippers
check out and maybe cast on KAL sock

Aren't goals a wonderful thing?  GET GOING

C. A. Losi

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