Monday, August 29, 2011

The Blueberry is Dead Monday, August 29, 2011

My son, James, and I drove to Orem, UT last Friday.  We were driving him to his new job with the Utah Regional Ballet  and college at Utah Valley University.  He has been driving our old minivan, which he calls "the Blueberry," for the last 2 years.  We took it in to the Dodge dealership to get it all ready for the drive, 150,000 mile check up, new tires, brakes, radiator, all the gaskets replaced, etc.  About $2000 in repairs. 

We left at 3 am, driving east on I 90 then southeast on I 82 and I 84 through Washington, Oregon, and into Idaho.  Very beautiful driving, but it was 90 - 100 degrees F.  At about 2 pm, 20 miles west of Twin Falls, Idaho, the car stopped accelerating, then just... died.  James was driving and managed beautifully to make it to the side of the highway and stop under an overpass in the shade.
We called AAA and they sent out a very nice man who hooked us up and drove us to town.

The oil pump had failed, and we "blew a head gasket."  The engine was destroyed.  Our choices were to put in a used engine for about $2000, a rebuilt engine for about $3000-4000, or abandon the car for scrap.  The repair shop will pay us $150.  Well, we chose the last option.  The car's bluebook value is only $3000.  We rented another minivan, transferred all of James's stuff, and drove on.  With the dead van delay, and all the highway expansion projects in Utah, we arrived at his new apartment at about 11 pm. 

His very nice roommate, Lance, came down and helped haul all the boxes up to James's room.  We then headed for a nearby motel for the night.  James unpacked the next day (Saturday), we bought him all the extras he needed for fixing up his room and starting school. I flew back home on Sunday afternoon.

What does this all have to do with knitting? 

I had hoped to knit while James drove his part of the 14 hour trip.  In fact, I was knitting Allie's Rain Socks when the Blueberry died.  Once we rented a new van, however, my knitting while driving ended.  James is only 18, and since the rental company charges more if drivers are under 25, I did all the rest of the driving.  I did have a chance to knit while James unpacked on Saturday, and again on Sunday while I flew home.  I was hoping to finish up the Rain Socks, and get going on Hannah's Ballet Socks.

I am ALMOST finished with the Rain Socks.  I just have to decide how wide I want the ribbing at the top to be, and what type of bind off.  Then I will wash and block them and they are good to go.

I have the toes of Hannah's Ballet Socks about 1/2 way done.  In other words, I am barely started. We have tickets for the Mariners vs Angels game this Tuesday night.  I plan to KNIT like crazy at the game.

SKA Sock Down news:

2 yarn packages arrived while I was on the trip to Utah. 

The yarn for Samantha's Glass Slipper  Socks is here.

It is "Midway" Shepherd Sock by Lorna's Laces.  I think the purplish gray beige colors will look a lot like glass when it is knit up.  I am excited to get going on this pattern, but can't start until the Sept. 1 official start date.  I have rolled one ball so far, though, and will knit up a swatch to get ready.  The pattern calls for 9 x 11  on #1 needles.  That means, probably, that I will try #0 needles as I tend to knit loosely.

I also received my "light green" yarn that I ordered on EBay.  I thought it looked pretty "chartreuse" in the photo, and am happy to see that while it is not BRIGHT chartreuse, it is pretty chartreuse, rather than just light green.

It is by Kuka Yarns, and is their Wool De Luxe Fine.  I am hoping to knit the Mock Sock Mystery challenge.  I have absolutely no idea what that means, what it will look like or anything, but I am willing to go for it.  The yarn is really a very cool color.  I bought 4 skeins.  My nephew, Jacob, said he liked green, and my great-nephew Zach likes green.  I might be able to make them matching socks. 

We shall see.

Now to finish the last row of the Rain Socks and bind them off.

Long Live the Blueberry.

C. A. Losi

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