Saturday, September 24, 2011

Sockdown! O! Saturday, September 24, 2011

How can it be September 24th already?????  I have not finished even one sock this month.  My goal was two socks (2 pairs really).  What is happening?

Well, first I made the mistake of casting on just one more project 3 days before the sockdown began.  I felt compelled to finish that before I really worked on my first Sockdown sock pair, the Glass Slippers I am making for Samantha.  Then those socks went bust, when my gauge was off by .5 of a row.  Not kidding.  I had to ravel them.

The 2nd problem is that it is Double experience and Double drop in the online game I play,  Aion,
This means that I am kind of playing it a lot.  Ok, playing it obsessively. And not knitting.  Or, what I've been doing is sort of playing and knitting simultaneously.  I keep my socks in my lap, and knit when I have to wait for something or someone.  Really. I know, it's ridiculous.

The 3rd problem is that Samantha wants "knee" socks.  So rather than make her sock leg length 5 1/2 in., I am knitting them 10 in. long.  But there is light at the end of the tunnel.  I am at about 10 in.  now.  I will knit about 6 rows more, then start the heel.

 I am knitting these socks together, and yet, somehow, they appear to be different lengths.  Well, blocking should take care of that.

My chartreuse project, the mystery socks for September, Watercress, are starting to show the pattern.  I need to repeat the 20 row pattern about 2 1/2 times before I start the gusset increases.  These are knit toe-up, so I will measure when I hit 2 full repeats to make sure the length is on track.  No More Gauge Disasters!

Such a cool color!  Will they be appropriate for a 16 year old boy?  WHO CARES!  I love them.

Need to get knitting.  I have some heels to start.

C. A. Losi

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