Sunday, September 11, 2011

September 11, 2011

I don't want to comment on the anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Towers and the Pentagon 10 years ago.  I will just say that some of the cartoons did a great job: Mutts, Candorville, and Baby Blues.

1. All about me

I walked today.  I walked yesterday.  Anyone reading this blog, if I don't start with "I walked today," please comment "Carol!  get off your butt and take your walk."

2. Quick sock update

a. SKA Sept Challenge

No photos of the Glass Slippers Socks for Samantha today,  They aren't that different from the last post.  But I am working on them.

b. Hannah's Ballet Socks

I have knitted about 1/2 inch of the legs.  I am so unhappy with the joins.  Can we say, "LADDERS?" There is something about 2 purls at the joins that is super hard for me to knit without laddering.  I changed the pattern to have knits at the joins and it looks better.  Also, on the Glass Slippers socks, I dropped down 1 needle size to 00 and am knitting a bit looser, but with about the same gauge.  The ladders seem to be gone on those socks.  I soooooooo wish I had done this on these socks, and will do it on all further socks.  Also, I am using Addi Lace needles on the Glass Slippers Socks and Addi Turbo needles on the Ballet Socks.  The Addi Turbo needles have a rounded point.  The Lace needles have sharp points.  I much prefer the sharper points.  This makes the twisted cables a lot easier.  I don't have to use a 3rd needle for making the cables.  I have tried to do this with the regular Addi Turbo needles, and just can't quite do it.  So often, I am unable to slip off the stitch, then get the rounded point through without splitting the yarn.  This might be a part of using a larger size and knitting too tightly?  Not sure.  Anyway, here are the newest photos:

These socks are super short and fat.  I doubt they will fit.  This makes me sad because of the time I have spent on them. =(

C. A. Losi

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