Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Can't Believe I'm Doing It

I walked today.

I am ripping out Hannah's Ballet Socks. 

Samantha tried them on and they were too short for her and she wears 1/2 size smaller than Hannah.  What did I do wrong?  I double checked my math.  If I had 11 rows per inch, then I was spot on.  But checking the gauge again ON THE SOCK, I was knitting 12 rows per inch.  How can that make such a difference?  But with a total of 9.5 inches needed, there was about 1 inch missing.  I thought maybe I could just go back and pick up right before the gusset and add 10 rows (what I need).  But with making them 2 at a time, that would be impossible.  So it is best to start over and get it right.  Anyway, I wasn't happy with the laddering.  I am going to change the pattern a tiny bit and have Knits at the joins.  That will help.  Also, I hope to knit a bit looser, maybe I will use size 00.  I really like the needles I am using for the Glass Slippers Socks.  I think that I will recheck my gauge as I go on every sock from now on.  If I had checked before I started the gusset, I would have caught the problem ( I think ).

So, No socks for Hannah's birthday.  But I will make them.  And they will fit right.

On to concentrating on the Glass Slippers.  I should make good progress now.

On Sunday, I plan to cast on the Mystery Sock for the September Sockdown.  I will use my nice green yarn, hoping it is chartreuse enough to count:

I hope I can fit the ballet socks into one of the challenges.  I have to look over the list again.

C. A. Losi

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