Thursday, December 17, 2015

when i wrote "tonight" i meant...

that I would post photos of progress on this year's Advent Scarf in about 2 weeks...  Well, these are horribly out of date as they are maybe the first 4 days?
but, if I don't post something, you will all think that I am not knitting this scarf.  I am.  Right now I am about 2 full days behind, and after tonight, I will be 3 days behind because I am going to see the opening night of the new Star Wars movie with all of my family except Pookie who is not home from school yet.
About the scarf, I love the different motifs, and am really enjoying the cables.  I can't say how much I love this yarn.  It is the 100% merino, undyed, from Abundant Earth Fibers, and it is lovely to touch and shows both the lace and the cables beautifully.
I promise, more about this later.
shaping the planet from a world far far away

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