Thursday, December 24, 2015

2015 Advent Scarf ... BLOCKING!


No kitty photo today, even though Sunny let me scratch her neck for a bit.  She disappeared before I got my camera out, and would not come even though I whistled and whistled.  Rocky is still in hiding.

I have finished the knitting of my 2015 Advent Scarf!
This is the wrinkly unblocked stage.

This was a really interesting knit.  The designer is one of the mods for Sock Madness, her name is Tricia Weatherston, zemy on Ravelry, and the scarf is called the Cables and Lace Advent Scarf 2015. Rather than design separate sections with dividers, she had the sections run into each other, and just divided the scarf into 24 different 20 line charts.
Each chart has some lace and some cables.  Often the cables are in the middle, but they also are set on one side,
with the lace on the other, dividing the scarf in half.  The cables then wander back through the middle, and to the other side of the scarf.
I know I just knit 3 pair of cabled socks this summer, but somehow I had forgotten how much fun it is to knit cables.  Also, the lace sections were really inspiring.  None of the sections were particularly difficult.  There were some motifs with nupps.  I think you can see them on the bottom right of the scarf section shown below.
If I had trouble catching all of the loops on the purl, I just used a crochet hook.  But, I discovered that if I knit the "make 5 from 1" (knit, yo, knit, yo, knit  all in the same stitch), loosely, I was able to catch them all with a purl fairly easily on the next row. 

I fell behind about 6 days because I had to finish up a few other things and could not just devote all of my time to only this project.  Once school ended, last Friday, I have been knitting about 8 hours every day on this scarf, and was able to totally catch up.  I got up this morning, went to the gym, came home and knit the final chart.

I was finished well before noon.  I had time to soak the scarf, then get it all pinned out.  It should be dry by morning, and I plan to wear it to Christmas Mass.
Merry Christmas,
shaping the planet with cables and lace.

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  1. Beautiful work, I love seeing all of your advanced projects. Thank you for being you! Merry Christmas to the the entire F1bercat family.