Wednesday, December 30, 2015

New Year's Eve Eve at Crossroads

We had an absolutely beautiful day of sunshine and very cold (for us... meaning about 34 F or 1.1 C) temperatures.  I spent the day mostly just knitting.  The HPKCHC group on Ravelry has sorted for the Winter Term, but the first month of classes doesn't start until January 1, so I have 2 more days until the madness officially begins.  I am finishing the last of the sweaters for my nieces and nephew (it's the nephew sweater) who live in Tucson.  I'm on the sleeves, and am knitting them 2-at-a-time of course.  I have started decreasing them, so they are going faster and faster.  I will try to have everything finished except for the weaving in so I can turn in this sweater for Detention points on January 1 and earn the WIP the First Badge in Gryffindor.  If this makes no sense to you, just know that I am finishing the last of my Christmas Sweater gifts and hope to have it all done on January 1.

Moogie left for Nicaragua last night.  She is meeting up with 3 of her friends from NYU for a few weeks of vacation.  If she sends some good photos, I will try to do a bit of a post for her about her trip.  Himes and Pookie are still home, though Pookie will leave to go back for school on Saturday.  I love having my family around for the holidays.  But, when Wednesday comes around, I am soooo ready to get away from my family for a few hours of knitting with my friends at Crossroads.

There was a good crowd tonight of people who were also ready to have a break from their families.

Hrvdmnky brought her peacock hats.  I thought she was going to need me to help with the feathers, not because she doesn't know how to crochet, but  because she wasn't that excited about hooking 12 feathers, but she brought all of the finished feathers tonight.  They aren't sewn onto the hats yet, but you can get the idea of what they will look like.
Photo by Hrvdmnky
She was working on her Guernsey Wrap by Jarod Flood.
Pamela2708 is hard at work on the Level 2 Master Knitter Program of the Knitters Guild of America (KGOA).  She has to knit a vest for this level, and is making a child's vest with a cable detail.
WireKnitter brought a beautiful shawl.
BlueBerryMary was sewing the nose on a Racoon Hat.
Wajio is knitting the teeth border on her test knit for VanesaPolo's newest design, the Lluna Shawlette.
I just finished mine Lluna Shawlette today, and will show you the photos tomorrow.
Crunchynumbers has almost finished the first of her Cadence Socks by verybusymonkey.  She ran into a problem of an ipad with no charge, and the dependence on Knit Companion for this complicated and beautiful cable pattern.
DomesticShorthair has started a new "bed jacket."
Here is Anuwizard modelling an owl hat knit by ReadnitDream.  Anuwizard brought a brioche scarf she was knitting out of her own handspun.  She spun this yarn on a drop spindle, and dyed it herself.

ReadnitDream brought a new pair of socks that she is knitting.
VanesaPolo is finishing another Hitchhiker.
This encouraged Hrvdmnky to bring out 2 hitchhikers that she has been working on.  The first is finished, and is her Advent Hitchhiker which she knit from 24 different mini-skeins that she got for Advent.
The second is WIP and is made of one skein of yarn with 2 long stripes that repeat.
The last project for tonight is GwenS's little dress for her expected baby, Ceecee.  The pattern is Belle Isle by Heidi Atwood-Reeves.

I will be at Yarn Church on Sunday morning at the Panera's in Redmond as I will be ready for another break from my wonderful family.  Not sure I will post about it, but I will be there knitting.

I also wanted to say that this is my 999th blog post.  Whoever thought I would continue to blog for this long?  Not me, for sure.

shaping the planet with yarnie friends on the eve of New Year's Eve.

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