Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Christmas Eve Eve, or Wed Night Knitting with Eastside Stitchers

Yes, that is Sunny hunting a spider, and trying her best to ignore me, Tutu, who was checking in on Rocky and her.

So I thought the Eve of Christmas Eve would be a quiet night for the Eastside Stitchers, but just as I was ready to take a break from all the family festivities and knit with my buddies, so were many of Eastside Stitchers.

BlueBerryMary brought a finished Racoon Hat (modeled by dreamweaver19), and was hooking another.

Dreamweaver19 was also finishing up some Christmas gifts, wash cloths.
Well, look who finally made it to a Wednesday night meet up.  CathyC is knitting a hat pattern from the Gift-a-long on Ravelry.  This hat is Calm Frenzy by Sara Gresbach.
Wajio is almost to the border rows of the test knit she is doing of VanesaPolo's newest pattern.  (I am working on this pattern, too.)
DomesticShorthair brought her finished lace shrug/sweater for Show and Tell.  The pattern instructions for the sleeves were a bit challenging, but she figured it out, and the result is lovely.
She brought her second Easy by Martina Behm.  This looks lovely in Crazy Zauberball.
Puzan is knitting another Stashbusting Helix Hat, by Jessica Rose.
Puzan was starting a new cowl with a new cast on.  It is a provisional cast on that does not use crochet.
JitteryKnitter is a-l-m-o-s-t finished with this Christmas gift...
VanesaPolo brought a new shawl idea.  She is knitting the prototype.
Anya has startitis.  She brought two different projects that she is trying to finish before Christmas.
This is Anya's second project.  I think they are both cup cozies.
ReadnitDream brought some socks that are in the home stretch.  She has finished the feet and heels and is on the legs.
shaping the planet in the most beautiful Christmas sweater EVER!

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