Tuesday, December 1, 2015

2015 Advent Scarf, Day 1

It's almost midnight, and I need to get up for work tomorrow, but I finished today's section of my newest Advent Scarf.  The designer who has done the beautiful lace sampler scarves the last few years is taking the year off.  Luckily, a designer from the Sock Madness group is running an Advent Scarf KAL. 

The format will be a bit different.  Instead of 24 different patterns separated by a spacer pattern, we are knitting 20 rows of the scarf pattern each day.  This scarf is going to incorporate cables and lace.  
I thought I was going to be behind right from the beginning.  My yarn didn't come until this afternoon, so I had to wind it and knit the garter ridge beginning rows.  I'm using Terra by the new mill on Whidbey Island, Abundant Earth Fibers.  It is domestic merino, sport weight, and undyed.  I can't describe how squishy this yarn is.  It is showing the cables beautifully.

Ok, bedtime for me.

shaping the planet on the first day of Advent.

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