Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Wednesday before Our Retreat


We had toddlers at Crossroads tonight at the beginning of our regular Wednesday meet up.  Say, "Cheese for Tutu!"

So, who couldn't wait until the weekend to get together to knit?
Wajio was fluffing up her Yellowstone River scarf.
GwenS was knitting her first sweater knit for herself.
BlueBerryMary was wearing a beaded cowl and knitting a cowl from a blend of two different yarns she reclaimed from thrift shop sweaters.
Hrvdmnky is knitting socks! after a long hiatus from that type of project.

Chockelet is knitting a shawl from a pattern she got on the 2015 LYS Crawl at Serial Knitters.
JitteryKnitter is on the front sections of the vest she is knitting for the Acorn Street Yarn Shop's Fall Fashion Show.
Wireknitter brought her latest test knit.  It is a beautiful shawl knit in garter stitch and using a set of gradient yars.
Anya brought her latest spindle spun yarn.
Her mom, ReadnitDream. is knitting a hat.
Anya brought me her new knitting project and another bobbin that she has spun.

shaping the planet with kid spinners.

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