Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Sunday Knitting


Our Sunday knitting group continues to grow.  Of course, there are those weeks when only 2 or 3 of us can make it, but last Sunday we had quite a group (not pictured is VanesaPolo who was the photographer).  We took the photo because I had to show my sisters that I was having just as much fun on my Sunday morning as they were.  My sister in Wisconsin sent a photo of her and the  2 seater airplane that she flew in that morning.  My sister in Texas sent a photo from the farmers' market where she was buying ingredients for gazpacho.  My sister in California sent a photo from the cute coffee shop in the Orange Circle, Cafe Lucca, where she and her husband were drinking a cup.  I had to share my Sunday knitting group.  Ok, the sister in Wisconsin might be the winner, but as I get to knit with my buddies every Sunday, and she does NOT go flying every week, I am usually the winner.  Not that it's a competition.

More importantly, what were we all knitting?
JitteryKnitter is knitting a vest for a LYS store sample.

VanesaPolo is knitting a cowl for herself. 

GwenS brought the test knit shawl she had finished for show and tell. The pattern is Fall Classic by Cassie Munksgard, and her yarn is Plucky Knitter Primo Sport.
I did not get a photo of the project she was working on. It was a purple shawl.

KelleyR has just about finished the first of a pair of socks.
Well, she has almost finished the tube part.  She still needs to cut the yarn (yes! cut) for the after-thought-heel.
Puzan is knitting a hat.  It might be the Rutherford hat by Veronika Jobe.
 MeshaMarie was there.  She had taken a break from our Sunday group to get married and have a baby!  She brought some of her own designs to share.  This whale hat was one of my favorites.
Hvrdmnky brought the dresses she is knitting for her twins.

VanesaPolo!  what were you knitting?  I missed getting a photo.

Anyway, this Sunday group is such a wonderful way to start my week.  I go to early morning Mass, and am able to head to knitting right after.  Yarn Church!

shaping the planet with a yarny Sunday.

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