Wednesday, September 23, 2015


This is both my favorite and my worst type of post.  Favorite because I get to show you who came to one of my stitching groups (Yarn Church this time, as we like to call our Sunday morning group).  Worst because I waited 3 days to post because I am feeling behind on all my projects, and JitteryKnitter is walking so much that I have to waste precious knitting/blogging time trying to keep up with her in our fitbit challenges, and so now this post will be rushed and I will barely remember who was working on what!
This first project is easy to place.  Isn't it spectacular?  VanesaPolo is working her Planned Pooling magic and creating Argyl.  She is using one skein of Malabrigo Yarn Silky Merino.  The colorway is 480 Bee.  Because she got the math right and is so consistent with her tension, she is able to get the colors to pool in this pattern.

JitteryKnitter is finished with the back of the vest she is knitting for Acorn Street Yarns.  Her vest, my Daybreak, a cowl knit by VanesaPolo and something... a shrug? knit by GwenS are store samples that will be featured in a fashion show the shop is putting on.

Do you recognize this cute baby hat?  The pattern is by our own MeshaMarie.  The knitting is by KelleyR.  Can you believe this is her first stranded colorwork project?  Kelley is also working on her first socks.  She is knitting them as tubes to take advantage of the dye pattern in the yarn, then will be putting in afterthought heels.

One more note about KelleyR.  She brought a baby sweater kit to share with us.  She bought the kit on a trip to Paris, but didn't realize that the instructions would be in FRENCH!  I totally understand as the kit was packaged in such a cute way, and the pattern is really darling.

Last but not least, Puzan was working on "just a hat" as she described it.

I was working on the sharf that I am designing.  This is a blend of a scarf and shawl.  It is knit in sections and I was finishing up section 2 during Yarn Church.  I love love love how it is coming out.  But the scarf is part of the reason I am so behind on all of my projects.  I realized Sunday evening when I had about 5 rows left in the section, that I had numbered my pattern rows incorrectly.  I had counted 48, 49, 50, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56...  Repeating those 4 row numbers made all of my calculations off for the short rows, and I had to rip the ENTIRE SECTION OUT.  Yes.  I. Ripped.  The. Entire. Section. Out.  This was 3 days of knitting.  I spent Sunday night carefully numbering the rows again, then redoing the math, then starting the section.  I am trying to work on this project on weekends only, reserving that time just for the scarf so I can focus.  Obviously, I need to focus a bit more.

shaping the planet from Yarn Church

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