Thursday, September 3, 2015

Back to School in Corderoy


One of the great things about losing weight is that you get new clothes. Or, as in my case, since I'm a very cheap person, you get to wear old clothes that you haven't fit into for 15 years, again.  As my pants size drops, I am finally cleaning out my closet, and finding these pairs of pants that I wore way back when I was GAINING weight. I'm pretty sure they are now considered retro. I found a pair of velour bell bottoms (WHA????) that are too long, and I briefly thought about hemming them, until Moogie said, "No."  I am throwing away all my fat clothes, because I plan to never be that heavy again.  Anyway, I wore these dark gray cords to school on Wednesday.  Since the first 2 days of school are half schedule days (on Tuesday we had periods 1, 3, 5, &7, and Wednesday we had periods 2, 4, & 6) where we spend almost the whole day talking about rules, lockers, expectations, where the bathrooms are, etc.  There is not a whole lot of stuff for me to do, so I spend the periods pacing in the back of the classrooms.  Yep, pacing, walking back and forth.  I am getting my steps in.  If I can't help the teachers or the students, I will at least beat all my friends in our Fitbit challenge for the week.  I don't know if the students are just tired, or intimidated by the thought of Algebra, but they are mostly super quiet.  And, boy, cords, worn by a still overweight woman who is walking back and forth with her inner thighs rubbing together, are really loud.  No one ever said anything, but I was really self-conscious.

More About Weight Loss
Today, I was drinking one of my vegetable/fruit juice concoctions that I love instead of water in the classroom, and a student said, "Ms. Losi, did you just drink those juices all summer to lose weight? Because you look skinnier."  hahahahaha nice of him to notice.

Did I mention that the first few days are really boring for me?  It's fun to see my old students, and I love the Math Team at my school, but until we are doing math, and I am helping the students, there is not much for me to do.  I really want to knit or crochet.  I mean REALLY.  I have been leaving my knitting in my car so I won't be tempted.  I usually knit during lunch, and on my breaks.  But I could totally knit simple things while standing/sitting in the back of the room waiting for the teacher to finish the (admittedly cool) pep talk/lecture on not giving up when math gets tough.  However, most of the projects I am working on right now are too complicated to do at school.

I have decided to make a new coverlet/bedspread for our Queen Sized bed.  I have gone off the deep end, because I am going to use crochet thread.  I am going to make hexagonal doilies and seam them together.  I am crazy.  Here is the first motif:
I am going to go back and take out those picots.  I actually made two of these, and hooked them together with the picots, but wow, it was a ridiculous amount of work.  I think I need to just use single crochets for the joining rounds.  I hope to make one or two each week, join as I go, use as many patterns as I can find or design, and repeat when I run out of new patterns.  We shall see how long I am interested in this project.  I might end up with a placemat.  A very lacy placemat.

shaping the planet in corderoy.

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