Thursday, September 10, 2015

Crazypants Counterpane


From "Crazypants" means:

       Crazypants is a descriptive word that means weird or insane, not insane in the sense that it
       means cool as in crazy cool or thats totally insane! Crazypants means insane as in a mental

and a "Counterpane," according to is:

       a quilt or coverlet for a bed; a bedspread.

So I have decided that the afghan I made for Doc for our wedding needs to be replaced.  It is wearing a bit thin after 33 years of marriage.  I have been looking at different patterns for a while now, and even thought of knitting instead of hooking.  But then I got this idea to hook together hexagons.  And not just any hexagons, like the hexagon afghan I am already working on
No, for this bedspread or counterpane, I am going to make hexagonal doilies using size 10 Crochet thread.  I have this old book of 99 little doilies by Leisure Arts Press, the author is Patricia Kristoffersen.  The only problem is that there are only 5 hexagons.
Now I am looking at the circles, and adapting them.
I am honestly not sure if I will complete this project.  Each hexagon is about 6" across (12 - 13 cm), so I will have to make a ton of them to cover a Queen Size bed.  maybe I will get bored/tired when I have finished only 10.
I hope I don't get bored.  If I do, though, since I am hooking them together as I go, I will at least have SOMETHING, even if that something is just a placemat.
shaping the planet in the land of crazy.

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