Monday, January 12, 2015

Totally Insane


These incredibly ugly blanket squares are for a yarn bombing.  The first Quidditch Game in the Winter Term for the HPKCHC just ended at midnight.  The game is to craft for charity.  We had a week to make as many charity items as we could.  Of course I don't have any time for this nonsense as I am already making so many long term projects.  I have to keep up with my schedule, or nothing will be finished on time.

But, I just couldn't resist.  I had to drop everything and crochet afghan squares.  One of the members of Gryffindor works at a winery.  They are having a charity Yarn Bombing.  The idea is that they will take these 8 in. blanket squares and Yarn Bomb the winery, then after the event, sew all the squares into blankets and donate them to charities.

Anyway, The points were for sets of 5, so I made 26 (when you started the next 5 you got bumped up to the next point level.)  Also, everything had to be at least 50 yds.  I couldn't make a 50 yd afghan square in the 8 in. size.  So I made the squares, weighed them, then added "embellishments" until they weighed enough to count for the 50 yds.  Sometimes I added bows.  Sometimes I just hooked a circle and then sewed it on.

Sometimes I just got a contrasting color and hooked on top of the square.  Needless to say these squares are pretty funny looking.

I could have made more (the maximum you could make to get points was 40), and was shooting for at least 30 but I had to finish altering Moogie's sweater.  She and Himes left today.  Himes starts school this week (Univ. of Arizona), and Moogie has gone down with him to spend the week visiting family before she has to fly back to New York for her last semester.

The sweater I made her last fall was too big and too short. 

I ripped it back to the underarms, and took it in about 6 inches, then I lengthened it about 2 inches. 

The neckline was too big and didn't lie down correctly, so I cut that off, picked up the stitches, and knit a new neck ribbing.  That wasn't entirely successful, as it is a bit higher than she likes.
I told her that if the neckline is too high, I can take it down a few rows.  Since I picked up the stitches and knit it up, that is a super easy fix.  The other thing I can do is sew it down so it is half the height.  That would be an even easier fix.
The sleeves are too long, but she asked for them to be that way, and swears that she likes her cuffs rolled up.

Anyway, I think it fits her pretty well now.  She wore it on the plane to Arizona, so she must like it at least a bit.

shaping the planet with a violet sweater.

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