Thursday, January 22, 2015

One Ring


I am getting ready to travel down to Southern California for the weekend.  It is my brother's 59th birthday, and my sisters and I are going to celebrate with him.

Although I will definitely bring projects, I can't bring anything that requires too much concentration.  I have been trying to think of which projects would be easiest to bring.  One thing is certain, I don't want to bring my There and Back Again Story Scarf by Frivolite Handicrafts.

I am trying to knit at least 10 rows each night.  Since I got started during December, when I was on vacation, I am ahead.  In fact, I am about 1 week ahead.  If I don't bring the scarf, that will be 2, possibly 3 days where I don't work on it.  UGH!  I'm already changing my mind.  If I bring it and only get 5 rows done each day (that is about 1 hour of knitting), I won't be as far behind.

Anyway, I am on the 4th chart.

So far I have left Bilbo's Hobbit Hole and followed the path past a tree to the stone trolls.
This view shows the back side of the scarf.
Up at the very top is Rivendell, where the Elves live.

In the next part, we travel through the Goblin Mountains

where Bilbo found the Ring.
After the Ring, the story takes us to a forest.

You can just see the trees at the top.  I am actually a bit further than these photos.  I have already knit in the giant Eagles who give the dwarves and Bilbo a ride.

It is so much fun to watch the story develop row by row.

shaping the planet in Middle Earth.

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