Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Seahawks Colors


Last night I gave my annual lecture on Writing Poetry for Children: Rhyme and Rhythm for the University of Washington's Children's Writing Certificate Program.

There was someone knitting in the class!  I asked her what she was knitting, and she said she is currently obsessed with knitting dishcloths.  I said that was a perfect choice for classroom knitting.  Then I ran over and showed off my Advent Calendar Scarf, which I was, of course, wearing.
She told me that she could "never knit something like that."  I told her about the group on Ravelry, and said that it was one small pattern at a time, and how you learn so much about lace knitting and patterns when you attempt something like this.  She looked unconvinced.

The lecture is a whole semester's worth of information on how to set up verse and poetry with your choice of rhyme scheme and rhythm, how to scan a line, how to break the rules once you have perfected your technique.  All in one hour.  The poor students who have not had classes in writing formal poetry are always a bit shell shocked.  But, at least it is an introduction to the idea.

A bit like showing a beginning knitter an Advent Calendar Scarf, and saying, you can do this.

The best part of the evening was the drive home.  Ok, those of you who know me personally know that I refuse to drive on the 520 Floating Bridge since there are now tolls on that bridge.

Yes, even though the University of Washington is RIGHT NEXT TO THAT BRIDGE, and to avoid it, I have to drive through downtown Seattle on the 5 Freeway to the other floating bridge, the 90.

This meant that I got to drive through downtown Seattle at about 8 pm.  The city is lit up with Seahawks colors.  I don't have any photos (I was driving on a freeway!), but if you follow this link, you can see some images of the downtown buildings showing our love for the team.

I looked up the official colors on Wikipedia, and the Seahawks colors are  College Navy, Action Green, and Wolf Gray. Ha ha ha ha ha ha, got to love the names of those colors.

Mercer Island was just a dark blob of trees and freeway and tunnel, but when I crossed the small bridge that connects the island to the Eastside in Bellevue near Factoria, I saw Bellevue lit up in College Navy and Action Green, too. 

Yesterday, my school was awash in College Blue, Action Green and Wolf Gray also, as students and teachers wore everything Seahawks to celebrate our amazing victory.  I need to finish up the 2 Seahawks Superbowl Scarves I am making!

Less than two weeks until the game.

shaping the planet with College Blue, Action Green and Wolf Gray.

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